Reliv Independent Distributor
Our story began in 2006 when a teacher/friend of ours introduced us to this company.  Our daughter was having some significant health issues and our options were limited with obvious negative side effects.  14+ years later, this nutrition has been THE answer to attaining and maintaining a healthy family! Fast forward all of our kids are older now, they've moved on, married, have careers of their own, and know they have balanced, optimal nutrition, aiding in their family's health and wellness daily!!  The nutrition has served as a fabulous prenatal for our daughter's and now their babies are getting their own healthy start taking shakes!  Recognizing the extent health affects EVERY aspect of life, I enjoy helping others stay ahead of life's stresses and enjoy each day to the fullest!  If you want to regenerate instead of degenerate, and if you are ready for change, give me a call and I'll happily educate and assist!  Prevention is a wonderful reason to start!  Paying it forward in gratitude for those that have taught me so much and shared this information with me!